Entertaining and Educating Young Children

You are good place to visit to this official website. It is full of activities and play ideas for young children. As anyone who looks after children will know they usually don’t need much encouragement to play, whatever it’s with toys with other children, on their own, on with you, they will be playing in some way for most of their waking hours. Play is how children explore and investigate the world and gradually gain an understanding of it. Your role as their carer is vital in making sure they get as many chances to learn through play as possible and that is where this website will help you. So thi website has lots of ideas for encouraging different types of play including creative play, role-play,and small world play. Your role is vital in helping kids to play and learn.

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What can I do?

Providing a child with lots of play opportunities may sound like hard work but try to remember that what seems ordinary to you such as a walk to the shops can be the day’s most exciting event for a young, If you help make it so. Children learn through everyday life and its experiences and from them, everything is new and exciting.

Ways of Playing:

Most children play naturally with or without lots of encouragement or toys and by the time they are about two and a half, they can play in several ways, each of which help them learn and develop. Childcare experts describe the different ways of playing as solitary, parallel, associative or co-operative as you can see in below : 

  • How other people feel.
  • How things works.
  • How to make things
  • How to share with others.
  • How to show their ideas and feelings.
  • how to do new things.
  • How to follow rules.

It is a good idea to try to make sure a child has chances to enjoy them all on as regular a basis as you can.

What can play do?

Many children between 2 and helf and 5 years old go to a nursery, preschool, creche or to school itself. professionals are trained to make sure the children learn, and develop, through play. They usually have lots of facilities and equipment to help them. You don not have to reproduce this at home but you can offer many similar sorts of play and learning experiences. In the below are some of things children will discover when you do such as:

1- Many Children enjoy playing on their own for periods of times, this discovery time is described as solitary play.

2- Young Children often play happily alongside another child or adult but not with them. This is known as parallel play.

3- When Children play with each other, sharing toys and working things out together, it is called associative play. 

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