Food recipes for kids: Soya and Wheat Khichri

soya and wheat khichri
The PaleoHack Cookbook

You will need …

  • 1 cup split, husked moong beans (dhuli moong dal).

  • ½ cup yellow lentils (arhar dal).

  • 1/3 cup red lentils (masoor dal).

  • ¼ cup cracked wheat (dalia).

  • 2 tbsp soya granules ground.

  • 2 cups rice.

How to make Soya and Wheat Khichri

  1. Take about 4 tbsp of the mix and after thorough washing , put in pressure cooker.

  2. Add sufficient water (2 ½ cups), pinch of salt, turmeric. Add one half of a small tomato ( without slicing) and put the pressure cooker on fire. After 1 whistle on high flame, reduce the flame to minimum and wait 2-3 more whistles. Remove from pressure and let the pressure drop.

  3. For “tadka”, take ½ tsp ghee, few jeera seeds, pinch of hing and add to the khichri on release of pressure.

  4. Lift the tomato so as to neatly extract out its skin. Discard skin and mash the remaining pulp into the khichri.

  5. Mash the khichri with a heavy with a heavy spoon to achieve the desired consistency.

The PaleoHack Cookbook

Soya and Wheat Khichri Tips:

  1. You may add 1 dollop of fresh curd for taste variation.

  2. Add 3-4 drops of lemon juice to occasionally alter the taste.

  3. Add cubes of lauki or apple or potato to the mix at the time of putting in the pressure cooker and mash thoroughly after cooker.

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The PaleoHack Cookbook

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