Baby Food recipes for kids: Egg (Soft Boil)

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You will need …

  • 1 egg.

  • 2 cups water for boiling.

How to make Egg (Soft Boil)

  1. Put 2 cups water in a sauce pan. Gently place the egg and let boil on a high flame. As soon as the water starts boiling, reduce flame.

  2. For getting a soft boiled egg, switch off flame after 2 minutes. Deshell carefully. Take only the yellow portion of the egg. Add a tiny pinch of salt and feed.

  3. If you wish to loosen up the consistency, add a couple of teaspoons of hot water or milk and feed

The PaleoHack Cookbook

This simple preparation usually suits the palate of most babies and is very filling and easy to digest too.

Egg (Soft Boil) Tips:

  1. A baby is usually fed only the egg yellow in the first year, egg whites which are more likely  to trigger allergies are normally introduced in the second year.

  2. While introducing egg, a baby should ideally be desensitized. For this, on the first day, feed only one spoons of egg, on the second day feed two teaspoons and so on till after 5 days the baby acquires tolerance to eggs.

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The PaleoHack Cookbook

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